The top tactics for the world of Clash Mini

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Clash Mini is a virtual board game/strategy game from developers Supercell, the makers of the battle royale release Clash of Clans. In this game set in the Clash Universe, your mission is to control an army of Minis that you can upgrade and swap through during the game. Clash Mini features two modes: Duel, which is a best-of-three mode, and Rumble, which is a tournament-style mode with up to 10 players.

Whether you’re participating in free play or trying to become a ranked player, you’ll need to use some Clash Mini tactics and strategies. Formation and leveling up your abilities are important tools to win this game.

The top tactics for the world of Clash Mini
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Read and analyze your units in Clash Mini

The units, or Mini heroes, each come with special spells and abilities. It’s important to read and understand the spells before choosing minis to form a unit. Spells have bonus abilities on both allies and enemies to make your army stronger.

After creating your unit, you will need to analyze them fully for the best competitive gameplay. To have the most effective gameplay, you’ll want to position your minis and figure out the best attacks before you start. Your opponents will also be using the same strategies, so choose wisely and think of defense moves.

Heroes in Clash Mini

Play quests within the Clash Mini game

You can gain rewards through special quests within Clash Mini. Quests can bring you gold to buy upgrades or items in the in-game store; however, the latter isn’t worth it as you can also get weapons and items for free by completing battle attacks. Save your gold for a really rare purchase that you can’t pick up during your game.

There is also an option for in-game purchases that seems tempting if you’re struggling with specific battle rounds. By beating easy quests, you can save your real-life currency and obtain abilities and items without breaking the bank.

All the heroes ranked by tier

Don’t forget about setting up equipment as well as Minis

Clash Mini comes complete with tanks and melee hand-to-hand combat moves that you’ll place around the board before taking your turn. These should be taken into consideration as much as the placement of your Minis. The role of your characters comes into importance with your choice of personalities such as magic archers and wizards.

Fans of Clash Heroes will love the option to choose classic characters from the original game, including Pekka, the Archer Queen, Shield Maiden, and the Barbarian King. Remember that you can switch between Minis to advance your game strategy and gain new abilities with each battle you win.

A battle in Clash Mini

Do not choose Rumble mode if you’re looking to increase stats in Clash Mini

Rumble mode is basically a free for all system where you can battle other players. However, this casual gameplay does not increase your stats in the Clash Mini game. Regular gameplay in the player vs player Duel mode allows you to obtain rewards and abilities. You do need to keep in mind that your opponents may have stronger units, which you may not be able to see before the battle begins!

A great tool is to pick Minis such as healers and harvesters to combat your enemies. Try to stick to tried and true Minis, and keep in mind that your opponents can use the same tactics. It’s fine to take risks in this game as you can swap out your units when you don’t find them as effective as others.

Clash Mini animation

Play Clash Mini for an exciting virtual chess game

Clash Mini is an auto-chess board game with action gameplay for fans of strategy programs. While luck is a factor, the virtual game is a real-time battle that requires you to plan ahead before playing moves. Clash Mini is a game of wits and formation. You can progress further for extra special skins with these tips and tricks explained throughout this article.

Clash Mini is like a virtual chess game

Please feel free to leave your own comments on how to succeed with Clash Mini. Need more help on the gameplay basics? Check out our guide on how to play Clash Mini.

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